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Business Matters - Startups

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We happen to have a lot more in common than you think. As a lawyer who considers himself an entrepreneur, I’m most excited to partner with you and stand side by side. The best part is that I can help you without breaking your bank, or hamstringing your cash flows.
Too many entrepreneurs go about their business without the legal counsel they need because they’re afraid it will cost them more than their new business can afford. It won’t.

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Our annual program is designed in a way that includes many of the different legal services and support your company needs throughout the year, and your legal fees are spread out into reasonable and predictable flat monthly fees. In exchange, have an attorney who knows you and your business, and be at your disposal for many of your legal needs. That includes any legal questions you have, whenever you have them.


Because we love to support new ventures, we offer a couple of different levels of support for entrepreneurs and startups. As your business grows and your legal needs change, we will be able to increase your level of service as the needs arise. Having an attorney by your side from the beginning has its advantages because not only do get to understand you and your business deeply so that you are not spending thousands down the road in legal fees for background conversations, but we can help you foresee pitfalls before they hamper you.


For startups, we offer reasonable flat fees so you can stay focused on building your business and empire. We understand that your time is valuable, and keeping close watch over your funds is an important priority. Unless you are the trust fund type, you can’t afford to plunk down a boatload of money every time you need a lawyer’s advice. When you accept that you cannot move forward without legal advice, you need to talk to a lawyer who desires to understand the business you’re trying to build, and is willing to work hard to see you get there.

  • Trademarks to protect your company name, logo, and tagline
  • Corporate formation documents and stock certificates
  • Partnership agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Vendor and lease contract negotiation
  • Setting up stock-option pools
  • Record keeping setup, accounting systems selection, and recommendations for bookkeeping and professional accounting services